vital element for your cells

Treatments with different types of electromagnetic waves are an important component of modern medicine due to the recent discoveries of intercellular communication and interaction by electrical signals. Used in diagnostic methods, rehabilitation therapies and regenerative medicine, aesthetic medicine treatments are no exception, and introduce specialized equipment to complement the aesthetic medicine treatments.


MEI-Light Therapy

The MEI-Light therapy is a device developed with proven advances in the field of electromedical that combines the production of various types of electrical micro-impulses in the same application.


The benefits

The MEI-360 Light Therapy offers solutions in the clinic, its purpose is to achieve better results in medical treatments and surgery estética.Sus treatments range from medical skin cleansing, skin detoxifications, medico-aesthetic pretreatments, post-surgery , aesthetic medical post-treatment (acid peels, lasers, infiltrations, threads, .... also the patient will get a better end result in the combined treatment, without receiving post-treatment discomfort, eliminate risks of complications and reduced to third day of recovery.